About Us

Nunavut Arctic College Media is a division of the Communities & Learning Program at Nunavut Arctic College. We publish books, learning materials, and media products to enhance understanding of Inuit culture, history, and language.

We work to serve students and instructors at our five campuses and 25 Community Learning Centres across the territory.  We also strive to serve all Nunavummiut, and those with an interest in learning more about the Canadian Eastern Arctic.

Our goal is to increase awareness of Canada’s Arctic and foreground Inuit perspectives through print, audio, video, oral history, and archival initiatives.

To learn more about Nunavut Arctic College and its programs visit www.arcticcollege.ca

NAC Media is a member of the Association of Canadian Publishers and the Association of Canadian University Presses. We are excited to be affiliated with the second cohort of the Fulbright Arctic Initiative Program. 

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NAC Media Programs & Initiatives

Book Publishing

NAC has published books since the 1980s. NAC Media’s Book Publishing Program is a continuation of this legacy in working with Nunavut authors, editors, designers, and scholars to produce books relevant to Nunavummiut and those interested in language, culture, and history of the Eastern Arctic.

Moving Image & Media 

NAC Media produces original content and supports other departments and agencies in making their moving image and media materials more accessible.

Digital Archive

NAC Media has added approximately 6900 hours of audio content through its digitization initiative and through the acquisition of digital assets from other institutions in Nunavut, Canada, the United States, and Western Europe. Over 90% of the digital audio holdings are in Inuktut.  We have also digitized and acquired photographs, films, and documents.

Oral History

We are working to increase the representation of Nunavut communities in NAC’s oral history collection through our own initiatives and through acquisition from other archives. NAC holds the Igloolik Oral History Project which is considered one of the most important collections in Nunavut.

Research Connection

The Research Connection Program emerged in response to visiting researchers seeking support in returning their research to the communities where they work(ed). Many of these researchers hold vital and rare IQ and linguistic content that without a stable Nunavut connection will not effectively return to the source communities. Visit Anijaarniq as an example of our research connection projects.