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Edited by Jean Briggs


ISBN: 978-1-896204-37-6

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Inuktitut ISBN: 978-1-896204-37-6

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French ISBN: 978-1-896204-46-8

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Childrearing Practices

Interviewing Inuit Elders, Volume 3

Every society lives on through its children. Children have to become responsible adults who can take care of themselves as well as their relatives. In this book, Inuit childrearing practices are described by two elders—Naqi Ekho and Uqsuralik Ottokie—from the South Baffin Island region.

Childrearing practices are rapidly changing in the communities of Nunavut, yet many features of traditional childrearing can still be observed, such as women carrying their babies in the amauti. Topics covered in this book range from pregnancy to naming to nutrition to games.