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Edited by Jeela Palluq Cloutier and Louis McComber


ISBN: 978-1-897568-19-4

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6" x 9"

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198 pages

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Uqausivut Sivummuagutivut

Our Language, Our Leadership

Inuit Leadership and Governance, Volume 4

“My hope is that this book ignites a lively discussion on Inuktut. Protecting and enhancing a language in the face of globalization seems like an impossible task. Yet, I envision a place where the mother tongue is Inuktut and children have the opportunity, as I did, to learn about themselves by listening to and speaking it. I visualize Inuktut boosting our economy by teaching its speakers to use other parts of their brain and, in doing so, fostering innovation. I envision a place where the majority of its residents are trilingual. The challenge before us is immense and our work requires renewed focus.”

—The Honourable Paul Okalik, Nunavut Minister of Culture and Heritage (2014)