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Edited by Jarich Oosten and Frédéric B. Laugrand


ISBN: 978-1-896204-68-0

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6" x 9"

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256 pages

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Trade paperback


English & Inuktitut

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Hardships of the Past

Recollections of Arviat Elders

Many Inuit elders experienced severe hardships in their past: from starvation to surviving the extreme cold to forced relocation. In this book, eight Inuit elders share their memories of the past and preserve important and unique Inuit traditions and knowledge. A variety of topics are discussed: respect for animals, healing, stars and the weather, shamanism, and traditional spirituality. Much attention is also given to the techniques and stories of survival in adverse circumstances. There are few Inuit elders left and it is essential to preserve their stories. This important book ensures that the memories of eight elders will live on to educate future generations.