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Edited By William Flaherty


ISBN: 978-1-897568-53-8

Publish Date

November 2017


7” x 10”

# of Pages

220 pages

Print format

Trade paperback


English/Inuktitut tumble

Hunting Polar Bear in the Winter

Hunting Polar Bear in the Winter

The third in the Hunter Education series, this book provides concrete and practical information for hunting one of the North’s most iconic animals.

Hunting Polar Bear in the Winter is a guide to hunting one of the most important game animals for Inuit. This book includes advice on preparing for the hunt, avoiding detection by the polar bear, skinning the animal, preserving the meat, and staying safe on the hunt. It also includes information about traditional Inuit hunting methods and reflections on ethical and environmentally friendly hunting.

Hunting is one of the most important land skills in the Arctic, and continues to be an important source of income and food for many people and communities. The Hunter Education series facilitates the transmission of knowledge regarding proper hunting techniques, safety, and animal behaviour. It will also help to preserve traditional Inuit hunting knowledge and the value of environmental stewardship. Supplementary video resources showing actual hunting footage and interviews with hunters, elders, and wildlife officers are available online.