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Louis-Jacques Dorais


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106 pages

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Inuit Communities

An Introduction to Social Relations and Community Studies

This book is a study of the organization and culture of Inuit communities across the Arctic at different periods in history. Dorais bases this work on a definition of the community that insists on its social aspects; communities are defined as localized groups of human beings (e.g. bands, tribes, villages, local areas, towns) interacting among themselves on a regular basis, at the economic, social and ideological levels.

Dorais defines the concept of social relation, and provides examples of how these relations actually occur. He describes how social relations operate at three principal levels – economic, socio-political, and cultural-ideological – and how any community study must appreciate a description and explanation of how a specific community functions at each of these levels.

This is an essential introduction to community studies and a must-read for students and professionals working in health, education, and social work in the Arctic.