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Louis-Jacques Dorais


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Language in Inuit Society

This volume is a study of sociolinguistics and the sociology of language in Inuit society.  Dorais describes the role of language in Inuit society, in relation to both of its linguistic and sociological dimensions.

Language in Inuit Society begins with an overview of several general sociolinguistic analyses (Chapter 1) including a short description of Inuit society since the 1950s (Chapter 2). It then moves to sociological issues properly speaking: linguistic demography and politics (Chapter 3) ; gender, age, and language use (Chapter 4); language contact and translation (Chapter 5); bilingualism (Chapter 6); diglossia (Chapter 7); education (Chapter 8); literature and the media (Chapter 9); language and identity (Chapter 10); The book concludes with some reflections on the future of Inuktitut.