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Edited by Jarich Oosten, Frédéric B. Laugrand, and Wim Rasing


ISBN: 978-1-896204-34-5

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Inuktitut ISBN: 978-1-896204-34-5

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French ISBN: 978-1-896204-47-5

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238 pages

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Trade paperback

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“Inuit Laws: Tirigusuusiit, Piqujait, and Maligait”

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Perspectives on Traditional Law

Interviewing Inuit Elders, Volume 2

Perspectives on Traditional Law does not address Western perspectives on law or means of social control, nor Western interpretations of Inuit concepts of law. It instead confines itself to Inuit interpretations of maligait, piqujait, and tirigusuusiit—the meanings of which require considerable exploration—and to applications of these in traditional day-to-day life.

Part 1 consists of four chapters that address traditional legal concepts, respect for wildlife, means of dealing with wrongdoers, and the place of women in traditional Inuit society. Part 2 consists of seven chapters covering the role of community leaders, explorations of the concepts of ownership and murder, a comparison of relatively new and traditional stories (which frequently incorporated a moral element), and songs.